HIPAA Security & Risk Assessments

Identify vulnerabilities, mitigate risks

Ensuring that patient information and data is secure is a major responsibility of all healthcare companies. And what's more, fines for non-compliance with health care privacy laws are getting higher every year. And with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) formal auditing, isn’t it time you ask yourself how prepared your organization is when it comes to compliance with regulatory laws such as HIPAA?

There's a lot of red tape and bureaucracy involved with HIPAA so if your company wants to be compliant with all the regulatory requirements, you should consider Computer Connections’s HIPAA Security & Risk Assessments solutions.

Benefits of HIPAA Security & Risk Assessments from Computer Connections include:

  • Identification of areas where security controls need to be implemented or improved.
  • Security rule revisions which include administrative, physical and technical safeguards.
  • Unveiling of security policies, procedures and systems with potential weaknesses.
  • Internal and external security scans.
  • Walk-throughs of your company’s IT environment for precision in analysis.
  • Organization’s HIPAA compliance report.

Strengthen the core of your organization while ensuring complete compliance with Computer Connections's HIPAA Security & Risk Assessments solution.

Computer Connections offers quick and accurate security and risk assessments solution that give you total peace of mind knowing your organization will be fully compliant and ready for OCR's formal auditing.

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